Gallant Horn

Welcome to your LuckyGhost session Q&A haha!

What made you guys want to do a LuckyGhost session?

Clint- we remember seeing Just Friends live Session earlier this year & admiring the touch that LuckyGhost had with the styling of the entire session. It seemed so intimate & just immediately knew we would love to be apart of something like that. One big thing is Lucky Sound Studio's atmosphere. We never want to leave any time we come. It feels like home & everything is so at ease there when we recorded or worked on projects there in the past.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of a live recording?

Clint- When you listen to our recordings, we approached it in a reserved state yet still true to our sound but live, some will say we sound different & we ask why & we receive the same answer each time - everything sounds massive/bigger. Heavier is an answer we hear too. I love that we get that feedback. To answer your question, I believe the benefits to live recordings is that it prepares the audience what to expect which I honestly hope it's always good expectations.

I feel like you guys just get better and better, what drives/inspires y'all to keep making great music?

Josh- What drives me most, is the feeling of improvement I get the more and more we write and play. From the beginning to now, I feel we've improved a ton overall and I don't see that stopping. Clint and Will inspire me a ton with their influences. As well as all of the love and support I feel from friends and the community.

Will- Aww thank you so much! I feel the same way as josh in the fact that I'm heavily inspired and influenced by Clint and Josh, the way that Clint approaches textures is something I really admire and am constantly trying to figure out haha, the way that Josh builds songs and just how he approaches music in general is something that is constantly making me think and look at things differently and that helps me grow a lot, I personally am still getting used to being in a band and playing live and figuring things out so I really just try to push myself to do the best thing that's gonna compliment Clint and Josh but still do make what I'm feeling and really express my emotions through the tones.

How has your time in the band influenced your local music experience? 

Will- I've never been in a band (that played shows at least haha) before this one and I wasn't too terribly active in the local scene before I joined Gallanthorn, Joining Gallanthorn and becoming more involved in the scene is one of the best things I've ever done, everyone is so supportive and loving and I'm taken aback sometimes by how genuine it is, I really just can't properly express how I feel about it Haha, this is so cliche but it's very homey, like I always feel warm going to a show or playing a show and I honestly want everyone to get involved in local music and be themselves and let people get to know you because it's something I can't even explain haha

Josh- I've never felt so much love from the local scene until being in GallantHorn. Clint, Will, and the rest of the local scene have been overwhelmingly supportive and have influenced me to be a better person and a better musician.

Clint- Looking back to when we first started out up until now, I think we have a completely different mindset seeing how local music has influenced or changed on how we go into things. The biggest thing I believe we pursue for at the end of the day is creating relationships. Not saying that this is bad but I feel like many try to just make connections but what is that honestly going to create? It's like using others as tools or outlets to better themselves. We want it to be known of how thankful we are to those who has helped us along the way because we wouldn't be where we are without the given support but we don't want to leave it at that. We want to give back in some sort of way because we want them, such as Lucky Sound, to be there wherever we go down the road. It's a community to where we all create something even bigger.
Fuck competition. We're all here to grow just like every community does.

Any new stuff coming up?

Josh- We just got new merch! Also, we have some new music into the works, so you may hear some of that soon!

Will- I have a little side project called Captain closet that's like droney noise and like bedroom pop stuff that I'm gonna try to put up on bandcamp sometime soon haha

Clint- There's so many things we have planned that we can't say but I can tell you that there are things involved to where we never thought we'd have the opportunity of doing so quickly.

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