Katrina Barclay and Just Friends

Katrina: I approached Jesse with the idea during a heart to heart outside of Dekalb Theatre one night. We were both in similar places in life. I had already planned on touring north for these dates but didn’t really want to go alone, which is different for me since I’m kind of a loner anyway. Asking Just Friends felt right. I didn’t have to think about it much. And here we are.

Jesse: JF was reaching a point in which Dakota and I were gearing up for the next installment in our collective, and personally i did not want to have another 2016. I was ready to tour. I was ready to jam and write and get out of the area for a bit. Katrina and I had a lengthy conversation at a local show around new years, and she ended up mentioning a possible tour. It felt right.

Dakota: Katrina invited Just Friends to join her on this run and it just seemed like a perfect pairing, musically! We’ve all played together in the past so we’re comfortable playing together, and the two projects are similar enough to have chemistry but different enough to keep us all on our toes and keep the set interesting.

Pros of tour:

Jesse: the word tour encompasses everything it means to be a musician, and an artist really. it’s a continual pace of attempting to win new people over to your way of seeing the world, and opening yourself up completely in the most venerable way. These people have no idea who I am, which is both comforting and nerve wracking because there’s always that mixture of “putting yourself out there” with the constant fear of rejection. But I have made some lifelong friends on the road, and I can’t tell you just how special they are to me.

Dakota: It’s cool to meet new people and to get to share your art together with new bands and new venues. Also, it’s interesting how much you learn about someone after living in a car with them for a minute. Haha

Katrina: Tour has many good parts and unfortunately can have as many or more bad parts. I think it depends on attitude and staying focused on why we’re doing it. The music. Just Friends and I share that sentiment. For me, the best part of tour could be being able to scope out a Starbucks in every town. Nah, really it’s sharing the music with new people every day. It has a domino effect.

New Music:

Katrina: We have been working on new music. We’ve practiced some covers and collaborated on each other’s material. The guys have been really gracious in learning some new material I haven’t played out yet. You’ll get to hear some of it Friday night and on tour.


 Any last words?

Jesse: thank you so much to Anna and Lucas of Lucky Ghost. I had the absolute best time recording and spending the afternoon with you guys and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Dakota: I’m Lucas.

Katrina: I am very excited and ready for this. The guys are awesome and I just feel pretty lucky to get to be on the road with them for a while.





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